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  • How can it be September already?
  • Where did the summer go?
  • Why is it that the older I get, the faster time seems to fly?

I don’t think that I’m alone in raising these questions, am I?

While working at the Randolph Fair last week, some shifts seemed to end before they began. They sped by! Other times, however, the hours dragged on and on. The difference, of course, was how busy our food tent was at the time. The more customers…the faster the time went.

It’s like the quote I read recently from Jane Wagner: “When you are enjoying life time flies by, when you are not it stands still; though in reflection of this stillness, the observant may note how much of it has passed, and how much has been wasted...”.

We all waste time on occasion. Certainly, the summer months invite us to do so! Lazy hours are ideal now and there, when we can spend time on the porch (or in a hammock) reading, napping, or chatting with friends. How many of you have lost track of time when you were out in your garden, on the golf course, fishing or walking on one of the many trails in our beautiful area?

I’ve noticed, however, that every year when school begins, there’s a conscientious shift. It’s as if there’s a universal call to quit wasting time and to resume the regular/new routines of life.

Of course, this applies to our church life too! As we approach September, there are many enjoyable and uplifting programs that are kicking off. Another question comes to my mind: “How many will participate in or choose to be part of the fun we have at Mogadore Christian Church?

Do you remember the line of that old song that goes: “Will I see you in September, or lose you to a summer love?”. Will the boy and girl still like each other in September, after they have been apart? Or will another love become a greater attraction before they meet up again in the fall?

The church faces the same concern. Some families have been here, there and everywhere enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer. It is precious time that goes all too quickly. With vacations winding down, are you ready to start back up with church events?

I’ve learned that being intentional about attending church activities and Sunday worship works best. Making a conscious decision, a commitment, really helps!

I understand when people tell me, “Pastor, I just got out of the habit of coming to church”. If you’re out of the habit of coming to church, take some time to think about what led to getting out of the habit. Mature actions come as a result of how we think. My wife often says “we don’t know, what we don’t know”…meaning, it’s worth exploring and finding out!

We hope and pray that you will be intentional about your attendance at Mogadore Christian Church this fall. God is at work in our midst; nudging, leading and guiding us to be authentic in our worship, programs and outreach.

The church is all about relationships – our relationships with God, and our compassionate and healthy friendships with each other. We want to be in relationship with you and your family. We need you, and you might benefit from what’s happening here. You don’t know what you don’t know… come and check us out all over again!


11 Sunday School Kickoff
11 Church family picnic at Lion’s Park
17 Swiss Steak Supper (with homemade pies!)
18 National Come Back To Church Day
18 “Choir of Light” practice begins (Youth Choir – ages 7 - 18)
18 “New Creation” Kick-off (Youth Group)
25 Concert during the 10:30 Worship by the “Joyful Aires”

Growing in faith generates an awesome excitement that can’t be contained. Come with your questions, your curiosity, your doubts, and an openness to where God wants you to be – just come!

~Pastor J

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