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I ran across a brief poem that I would like to share with you:


  • Long lazy summer days
  • Collecting shells along the shore.
  • Long lazy childhood days
  • I wish them back once more.

Do you remember talking about the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?” I do, but it’s not a phrase we that use very often anymore. Why is that? While kids on summer vacation may complain about being b-o-r-e-d, those of us in the workforce, never seem to have enough time to r-e-l-a-x!

Work demands our attention. Then as the temperatures rise, we all begin to move a little slower because of the heat. Summer has an impact on our lives!

Longer hours of daylight and evening walks, help us to enjoy conversations with friends on front porches. Sundays might just find us lingering over a family meal, or maybe even taking a nap. If we are very fortunate, there will be vacations – days to get away from the routines of work or school, and a chance to see something new in God’s great world.

The “Dog Days of Summer”, however, are just the opposite. Instead of planning fun outdoor activities, we want to stay inside in order to escape extreme heat and humidity. Finding ways to avoid getting hot, sweaty and exhausted from the heat becomes our focus!

There was a time when local Christians would attend summer Christian revivals. Each person dressed in their Sunday best, and sat for hours listening to revival preachers. Despite the heat, they returned night after night. Is that hard to imagine?

Though Summer Revivals weren’t that long ago, they were most popular it seems, before the majority of homes obtained air conditioning and televisions. Now, of course, there are many competing choices and events that preoccupy the time of singles, couples and families. Oh, how times have changed!

Would a Summer Revival gain high attendance now in Mogadore? Likely not, especially if it was held outdoors, even if a tent was erected to shield the bright, hot sunlight. But does this mean that we are not as faithful as those who attended our church before we came along? I hope not!

Do we rely on God like previous generations? It used to be that the church was the central point of worship, entertainment and social life in every community.

Of course now, our road system makes visiting friends and relatives much easier. “Staycations” make day trips extremely popular in the Summer. There are water sports, water parks, golf courses, amusement parks, zoos and other summer events that grab our attention during these hot months, to say nothing of baseball, soccer and football. Are we as spiritual and as committed to the life of Mogadore Christian Church as they were a couple of generations ago, when participants flocked to Summer Revival Services? Do we have the same respect for God? I believe we are!

I ran across the following three suggestions that give us some ways to enjoy the Dog Days of Summer this month, and to also draw closer to God:

  1. Meet socially with friends. Plan a BBQ or a day trip with friends from church. Meet with friends for breakfast or lunch; invite them to our Outdoor Summer Concert at the church on August 11 at 6pm.
  2. Read some Christian fiction. There are many great book choices out there: exciting action stories, history epics, love stories and mysteries. If you enjoy getting lost in a story while baking in the sun, check out some Christian books this summer.
  3. Increase your prayer and worship time. Pray while you garden, when you walk, and even when you and a friend have shared heartfelt concerns. Look for a daily devotional if you don’t use one now. Some are available on-line and at the church.

We know the “Dog Days of Summer” have an effect on chores and how we socialize. Still, with great fellowship and air conditioning at Mogadore Christian Church, there is every reason to keep enjoying Summer worship services at 10:30 am throughout these months. Of course, if you’re up for it, the early service at the Lion’s Park starts at 8:00 am and is a unique way to refresh your faith, as well!

~Pastor J

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